Welcome to the Tender Wishes Foundation

“Your Child is suffering from a potentially life-threatening illness.”

The impact of these words on a family and their child is unimaginable. Rounds of doctor’s visits, tests, medicines, treatments, hospital stays, anxiety and fear strains all concerned.

Health Professionals believe the granting of a wish has a positive impact on children facing life-threatening illnesses. “The granting of a wish can be a very connecting experience for a family. In many cases, it’s one of the few opportunities where that child gets to do things together with his or her whole family.”

Join us in providing these families with a break from the daily hardships associated with an illness. Let’s give them an opportunity to create precious memories that the whole family can look forward to.

Our Board of Directors

President: Gary Taylor
Past President: Al Luciano
Community Relations: Dianne Dekker
Fundraising Chairperson: Tammy Robinson
Wish Chair: Jill Taylor
Wish Co-Chair:
Treasurer: Al Luciano
Board Members: George Murray, John O`Donoghue and Mary Seiva.

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